Indianapolis Marathon….

Well, I really have mixed emotions today. Today is the Indianapolis Marathon. The marathon I should be running…instead I am at home. I am pissed that I wasn’t able to run it, but I know it was the smartest thing to do right now. I want to wish everyone who is running today the best of luck! My boyfriend is running in Indy right now…I am so proud of him. I am in awe of his determination! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there with him but I am cheering him on from home.  xo

I changed the title of my blog to Reaching My Goal…I know I have many races I want to enter in my future, but my ultimate goal is to be healthy! So that’s what I will focus on…

So for today…I will try to not beat myself up too much (notice I said too much). I have other goals I am chasing…SMART Goals.

Until Next Time…Good Luck Indy Marathon Racers!!! You Rock!

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.”
-Irish Proverb



Tabata seriously sounds like a yummy Greek dessert. Oh how I wish it was! It is the devil. Seriously! A Tabata drill will literally kick your ass! When my trainer, Lou, first started to talk about it I was clueless! I just nodded as he was talking about his workout or a workout for his other clients. I was thinking…20 seconds on; 10 seconds rest…easy. So I said I wanted to try it.  Holy sh*t I was wrong…dead wrong.

A little history on the devil training program…

Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

Tabata and his team conducted research on two groups of athletes: one group trained at a moderate intensity level while the other group trained at a high intensity level. The moderate intensity group worked out five days a week for a total of six weeks; each workout lasted one hour. The high intensity group worked out four days a week for six weeks; each workout lasted four minutes (with 10 seconds of rest in between each set).

The results; group one had increased their aerobic system (cardiovascular), but showed little or no results for their anaerobic system (muscle). Group two showed much more increase in their aerobic system than group one, and increased their anaerobic system by 28 percent.

In conclusion, high intensity interval training has more impact on both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

So for 4 min, you are doing a balls out, intense, feel like puking workout. BUT….that’s just one round. You usually do a few more rounds focusing on other large muscle groups to complete your workout. For example, the first round I did Air Squats; 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest until I have completed 8 sets. Rest one min… The next round, I did push-ups (started off with standard push-ups but ended with the modified push-up…nothin’ wrong with that!). Again, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest until I have completed 8 sets. Rest one minute…Round 3 was some kind of sit-ups following the same sequence. Rest one minute…Round 4 was Burpees (god damn I hate those), repeat until I have completed 8 sets….then I puke…I mean stretch.  😕

There ya go…I can honestly say, I am sore as hell today but in a good way.  I will definitely add this to my cross-training schedule changing the exercises to vary it…although I may be cursing my trainer as I go 😉

Have any of you tried a Tabata Drill?  What exercises did you do for your routine? My trainer created a Tabata Boxing Drill. I haven’t tried it yet! Kinda scared to…I have a feeling I won’t be able to use my arms the next day!!! 😳

Until next time…so long!

Temporary Derailment

Well damn…I am completely amazed how a few knots in some key places can be completely debilitating and temporarily derail your training efforts. Tight hip flexors are to blame for this domino effect…it starts in my hip area and extends down the front of my leg.  Any exertion of those muscles causes sharp pains in my quads.  Damn muscles!!!   I usually have a high tolerance for pain…I really do.  But this has taken me by surprise.  Yesterday morning, I was bending down to clean something off the floor and ended up collapsing in pain…not fun! It hurts to walk sometimes…no way in hell I can run right now! So I am benched…temporarily.

Introducing the Foam Roller…


I have used the foam roller before; just not often enough and definitely not correctly.  Last night, my trainer showed me various foam roller exercises that will help break apart some knots as well as stretch my hip flexors and the rest of my body.  I now understand where the phrase “hurts so good” came from…holy mother of hell that kills! My hip flexors caused some serious pain…I had to use my lamaze breathing while doing it (at least I am using it now…sure as hell didn’t use it while having my kids! Ha!). Some of the exercises felt great…others, not so much! :-/ This video gives you a great visual explanation of the various foam roller exercises my trainer showed me…

I am determined to get back to my training program so off to roll I go!  As they say…no pain, no gain.  In the meantime, I will take long walks with Oz…I think he is the only one who is happy about my setback!

Until next time…so long!

Make or Break You….

I’m talking about shoes…running shoes.  Besides the humidity, it has been my constant struggle.  Trying to find a pair of shoes that work.  I have been to three running stores in the last year trying to find the elusive pair that work….no not just work, that feel fanfrickintastic!  The first store insisted I pronate and were hell bent on getting me into a supported shoe.  I tried to explain to him that supported shoes hurt my knees…I went against him and bought a neutral shoe.  My first pair was the Brooks Glycerin.  They were ok…ran my half in them.  My knee wasn’t hurting but my ankles bothered me some. As I said before, my IT Band decided to introduce itself to me early into my half last October.  I don’t know if that was shoe related or not…who knows.  The second store said Brooks updated the Glycerin so I tried those again.  Felt great in the store and walking was fantastic…lots of cush.  When I started to train again, I thought my legs were heavy because of the horrible winter.  I kept going but was getting frustrated with how difficult it was to run.  When my miles increased, I felt like I was constantly gripping my toes in order to balance (hello…lost toenails)…I had enough.  I decided to go back to the store to explain my situation…guess what he had me buy?  Supported inserts!  He wasn’t going to do anything else because he was convinced I pronated and the inserts would work.  At this point, I was willing to try anything and seriously began to doubt myself.  I was thinking maybe he was right after all.  Maybe I do need more support.  2 miles into my run…I stopped.  My knees hurt, my ankles were killing and I WAS PISSED!!!  Lesson learned…trust your body and your gut.  They are going back this week, and I won’t shop there again.  He lost my business.

I decided to try Barrington Running Company.  Mark, one of the owners, was fantastic!  He evaluated my walk and flat-out said, you don’t pronate…AT ALL!  When the other stores put you in a supported shoe, it made your feet go the other way.  That is why your knees hurt.  He also said my Brooks Glycerin are too much for my foot….plus way too wide. Then he had me do squats…well that my friends, was my downfall.  Weak hips and glutes…Damn it!  He went on to explain when a store only evaluates your walk, they are missing vital information about what shoe works best for you. Besides having weak glutes and hips, I have a narrow foot and high arch.  He had me try on two shoes, and I decided to go with Asics, Cumulus 15. I am going to test my new kicks today.  Cross your fingers…lets hope my search is over!

Made me start thinking…does everyone have this kind of trouble finding the one?  What shoes work for you?

Until next time…so long.

Shoe Update…my first impression of my new shoes….pretty damn good!  I only ran a short distance (4 miles) because I didn’t want to overdo it my first time out.  It has some cush, but my foot didn’t feel the need to grip the sole in order to stay balanced!  My heel wasn’t slipping around either!  Nice! I have a 5 mile run on Thursday then my long run this weekend…The true test!

Reward: Chinese Food and Wine…

Wow!!! Holy craptastic that long run was not fun today! Lack of sleep this week from being sick and having a very sick puppy didn’t help much…poor Ozzy…look at him…he looks as pathetic as he was acting.

Poor Oz....

Poor Oz….

Today was my only run all week…so I made it my long, holy crap, run.  The whines all night translates to no sleep so I was slow moving today. (and no, not wines…although I wish!  That will be tonight 🙂 )  I didn’t start my run until 12:45 PM.  Why the hell do I do that to myself?  I mean seriously, the middle of the afternoon? I was all ready to go…even happy to get out on the forest preserve path today!

Happy Before Run Photo...

Happy Before Run Photo…

Soon after my run started, I began seeing these messages written on the path.  Some were sweet, some were motivating, and some were damn funny…like the one that said “stinky”…well hell, I guess they were spot on with that.  Afterall, I was running in the middle of the afternoon for christ sakes! Stinky was an understatement! I took a couple of pics along the way…they were spaced out about every quarter mile or so around the entire path!

The first of many messages along the path!

The first of many messages along the path!

Why thank too!

The last message of the day…Why thank you…you too!


Whoever did this…I thank you!  You Rock!  You made me laugh a couple of times as well as kept me going during my run!  I was glad I did my run today because by tomorrow, it would have been washed away from the rain!



Like I said, the run was hard, but it’s done.  I think a good reward will be Chinese food for dinner and wine…lots and lots of wine!



Until next time…so long!

Bank It…And Forget It!!!

Holy Crap did my long run suck yesterday.  At 8 am, the humidity was 89% and the temp in the 80’s.  It was brutal…truly brutal.  I definitely wasn’t sporting the “Barbie” look after my run was over. 🙂 As my trainer always says…bank it and forget it.  Although I still hate crappy runs, I will take his advice!  I was at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she was being a royal bitch!  Looking at this week’s weather, they are predicting cooler temps (highs in the 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s)…hopefully the humidity will drop as well.

Every single time after my long runs, the tip of my second toe (on both feet) always bothers me.  Sorry if this is gross…I lost both of those toenails last year before the half and I’m really trying not to do the same thing this year.  I tried to cover it up, but my co-workers laughed at my lame attempts of my at-home pedi. 😐 After yesterday’s run, I think I figured out what I am doing that is causing this pain (and subsequent toenail loss).  I am curling my toes as I run.  This could also be the reason why my feet hurt after my longer runs.  I seriously look like an old lady when I first get up to walk.  I don’t know why I am doing this…Is it the wrong shoe?  Bad form? Habit? Legs/glutes not strong enough so my feet are compensating?  It is my new mission…Operation Keep My Toenails!  I need to figure out why the hell I am curling my toes when I run, otherwise, the inevitable will happen again…ugly toes! 😦

Until next time…so long!

The Path of Laughs…

It was a beautiful night last night.  In the 60’s, the humidity finally dropped to 68% and there was a slight breeze.  Perfect night for a run so I hit the bike path near my house.  It was packed…which translates for me…excellent people watching opportunities!!!!

I am a nickname person.  I tend to give nicknames to people based on who they are/what they do/how they act, etc.  In my neighborhood, I have Party Guy, Rug Lady, and Mr. Know-It-All.  All perfectly nice people, but I gave them the nicknames when I first moved in the neighborhood.  Party Guy is an easy one…he literally has parties 3-5 times a week during the warmer months (been to a few over the years too).  I think Rug Lady has a touch of OCD.   She is constantly shaking out her rugs on a daily basis.  I mean seriously…how dirty can they be?  Then we have Mr. Know-It-All.  He isn’t one that feels the need to top you (you know the type).  He is the keeper of all knowledge about everyone.  He knows the comings and goings of the neighborhood! Want to know any gossip, contact Mr. Know-It-All.

So why am I explaining all of this?  On my run last night, the path was packed and holy crap did I run into some interesting people!  First there was Guy Smiley!  He clearly was a runner.  He was about 6′ 4″ and lean.  He had his shirt off and was dripping sweat so it was obvious he was on a long run.  Why did I name him Guy Smiley?  He had the biggest shit eatin’ grin on his face!  Seriously…who is that happy running some serious miles?  Then I came across the Normal Guy.  We actually passed each other two times on the path…coming and going.  He was running with his dog and smiled and gave a little wave each time.  Smelly Guy…I don’t think I need to explain this one…blech! Deodorant works wonders pal!

photo (4)

The Barbie Jogger


Then there was Barbie Runner…you know exactly who I am talking about.  The hair is perfect, the outfit is tight, not a drop of sweat of her…yet she was pretending to be a serious jogger. You are not fooling anyone sweetheart!


Cute Couple was out on the trail…wife was jogging while pushing the jogging stroller and hubby was riding his bike next to her giving her encouragement and support.  Good for both of the them!  For her…training for something or just trying to get healthy and for him…being supportive! Rock on!  Probably the funniest person of the night was this older man.  You can tell he was from Europe by the way he was dressed.  He was running in short shorts and this khaki buttoned shirt.  He gave a Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?” head nod both times I saw him.  Cracked me up!  The Stoner Couple came out of no where from the wooded area.  I am surprised the girl could even walk.  She was dazed and confused!  Lol!  The sweetest thing I saw was this old couple walking slowly hand in hand.  I hope that is me one day with my baby! ❤

Overall, the run was great!  I laughed out loud numerous times, and I felt fantastic for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Made me realize this damn weather is a HUGE problem.  Damn humidity!

This is me before my run…clearly not a Barbie runner!  LOL!


Until next time…so long!