Ugh ☹️

8 days post fall and my foot still looks like this…and no, that’s not dirt.

Diagnosis: severe bone bruising in multiple areas…and when I say multiple areas I mean every bone possible. There is also a subchondral lesion (cyst) on my tibial plafond. I am in a boot and can’t bare any weight on my foot so crutches it is…which by the way should be banned for anyone over the age of 40. They suck…I mean SUCK! The ortho doc said if he doesn’t see significant improvement on Monday, he is putting me in a cast. Wtf-I may throw a huge pity party if that happens. 🤞🏻your fingers!

Until next time! ✌🏼

Update…finally took the advice of my coworkers and stayed home for two days to rest. My swelling went down so much. I am finally not in pain 24/7. I’m not kidding-this hurts more than my two c-sections combined. I still can’t put weight on it-that kills, but it looks better!! 12 days and counting. Look…my ankle is emerging!! Have I mentioned how I hate crutches? God awful. 🤞🏻 your fingers that this is significant enough improvement that the doc won’t cast me on Monday!!!


Epic Fall

No, not fail…FALL! I was walking in the produce dept in Mariano’s and the next thing I know…bam! I’m on the floor; Peppers went flying and I was on my one knee and elbows. It happened so quickly I don’t know if I stepped in water (from the mister thingys) or if I stepped on food. All I know is it hurt like hell. I thought I was fine at first, then about 5 min later, I could barely walk on my foot. I limped to the checkout, bought what little groceries I had and went to the manager to fill out an accident report. I used my cart as a crutch and hobbled to my car. It’s a pretty purple already. Ugh.

So I’m pissed-I wanted to go for my first run today to start my training. Instead I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow for an X-ray. I can’t put any weight on my foot…at all. 🤞🏻 my fingers it’s nothing more than a sprain. I just got into a good schedule of working out! 🤬

Peace! ✌🏼

PS-my new invention will be comfier crutches. Damn those hurt.

Diagnosis: severe bone bruising and cartilage damage. 🤦🏻‍♀️ That means the boot and crutches. I can’t put any weight down on my foot. Ugh!

Happy Birthday to Me 🎂

It’s been a while so I decided to write on my birthday. It’s my last year before I turn 50. 😳 How the hell did I get this old?? I don’t feel it at all!

48 was a crazy year! A lot has happened this past year…I mean A LOT! I graduated with my masters- YAY!!! By far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Needless to say, I’m done with school for a LONG TIME!!! Which is ironic…hard to do when you’re a teacher but I’ll stick with being in front of the class for a while.

There has been a lot of ups and downs this year but the biggest thing I have learned throughout it all is my health needs to be a priority; both physically and emotionally. I was diagnosed with anxiety; which really didn’t surprise me. I was overwhelmed with everything and what do I do when I become overwhelmed? I withdraw and I avoid; it was my coping mechanism. Not the best way to deal with things but it was a way to protect myself; protect myself from being hurt, from being overwhelmed, from letting my feelings consume me. My thoughts and fears were overwhelming at times…I didn’t know how to handle it so I withdrew…from everything and everyone. I also lashed out at the people closest to me; not proud of that, at all. I will figure out how to apologize to those I have upset or hurt through all of this. It’s not me, it’s not who I am and I hate that I have hurt them. I also learned I tend to absorb other people’s stress, especially from those closest to me! It caused more havoc with my emotions. I was a hot mess.

I am working on a being a better version of myself. I am seeing a therapist, exercising regularly, eating healthy, sleeping…well I try but I still need to work on that one. 🙄 This new exercise program I am doing is seriously crushing my abs, ass and arms. I love it! It uses weights, resistance bands, and slides for an intense whole body workout. It’s awesome! I am a work in progress!!!! Progress not perfection! I forgot how much I love exercising; it keeps me grounded!

ha ha that cracked me up because we all do it! Like I said…I am a work in progress! Not bad for a 49 year old…I will keep plugging along!

Quiet-it’s new to me. And I don’t mean outside noise level; the quiet that comes when your mind isn’t racing every minute you’re awake. I am working on being present. A concept so difficult to do when your brain won’t slow down. I’ve been in this state for so long, it was so hard to be present. It’s difficult to explain-It’s hard to slow down because you don’t want your mind to race. You hate the feeling because it consumes you. So I tried not to stop. I would continue to take on more and more so I would be constantly busy. I know when I did stop, I would fall asleep; partly because it’s exhausting having my mind race all the time and partly because I didn’t want to think. Ahhh…horrible cycle. One that I didn’t know I was in and definitely didn’t know how to stop it. I’m slowly figuring it out and so much more…thankfully! I’m learning balance; the balance I need within myself. My family and friends have been my rock and I am forever grateful for their love and support.❤️

I have a lot of things planned this year that I am really looking forward to-a couple concerts (Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam at Wrigley-I. Can’t. Wait. I am seriously giddy about seeing PJ), a few vacations, and of course, seeing a cubs game or two! So 49 is looking to be pretty damn good!!

Cheers 🍻

Making The Time

I have been working out pretty regularly since June. Since work started, I’m no longer working our 5-6 days a week due to my crazy schedule. I do make the time to workout at least 3/4 days a week. It’s so easy to blow it off!! I am the queen of excuses and the biggest one is I’m too tired. On those days, I have to force myself to work out. Usually, I feel great afterwards so I don’t know why I even have the internal battle with myself…but I do everytime. Sleep has always ALWAYS been an issue for me. I don’t know why but it is. That’s why I schedule my workouts.  Life gets super crazy and if I don’t, I won’t do it. My excuses win 😬

I am still loving PiYo and seeing great results!  The workouts are amazing and I am dripping sweat when I’m done. It’s has been a game changer for me! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Sweaty mess!!! My abs have been hiding since I’ve had 2 kids! Love that they are back!  Best part-no more issues with tight muscles in my legs, hips and butt!! This workout stretches me as it kicks my butt!  Win/win!

Until next time~


This is a completely different post from my normal posts. This isn’t about exercising or eating healthy; this is about feeling helpless, unnerved, and quite honestly, downright pissed. It appears someone attempted to break into my garage Friday night. I went to my garage Saturday morning and the door that leads into my garage was opened. It’s always dead bolted shut. It can’t be opened all the way  because there is a freezer on the other side of the door. There isn’t any signs of forced entry so the police think it might have been one of the workers that was working on my house. They are speculating they unlocked the dead bolt and came back at night thinking they could get in past the freezer. I have items on top of the freezer that were knocked to the floor and there’s a small dent on the inside of my door where the door hits the freezer. Clearly they didn’t get in but that was too damn close. I have never felt worried or scared living here-always took for granted it was a safe neighborhood because nothing has really happened here. I’m sure it was a fluke but it has made me stop and think. It has made me paranoid and that just pisses me off. I don’t like feeling this way in my own home. I don’t like jumping at every fucking noise. I am just grateful my kids were not home when this happened.

I have learned a valuable lesson with all of this-never take your safety for granted. I know I am lucky and nothing happened but it was a nice slap in the face reminder to always check everything and be aware of your surroundings. Be safe everyone!  Xo


I have become OBSESSED with a couple of things lately. I have gone full-blown, all in on working out lately. I finished the #21dayfix and absolutely loved it. It is a great full-body workout. It really is!  I recently discovered a different program that I have become obsessed with…truly obsessed. It’s called #PiYo. AMAZING!!! It is a combination of low impact cardio, yoga, and Pilates. Now I know…low impact cardio…big deal.  Yoga…no problem. Pilates…got it!  All easy…all good. Boy was I wrong. I am DRIPPING sweat after every workout. I mean soaked…oz always tries to lick me afterwards. He caught me one day as I was trying to take a picture of us together…right on the ear 😜 Goofy boy! 💕


I am also becoming more flexible which I was struggling with lately. It makes me feel so good afterwards! PiYo rocks!  Someone recently told me I am losing too much weight; which really worried me because that wasn’t my goal for working out. My goal was to improve my health and become stronger and more toned. My scale is broken so I had no way of knowing what I weighed. I did notice my clothes are fitting  looser and I was able to get a size smaller in a pair of jeans so I thought…maybe I have lost too much weight. I am working out 5/6 days a week…so maybe. Nope. I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday and I have only lost 1 pound. That’s it! BUT I am stronger and leaner so it looks like I lost all this weight. Just proves you can’t go by what the scale tells you. You have to go by how you feel and how your clothes fit you…not just the number glaring at you as you step on the scale. I feel awesome!  I can’t wait to continue to use this program. I am determined to get all the moves without modification. Some are hard as hell but I will get it!  When I do, I will post a video of me doing some! (Or maybe one of my epic fails…hey atleast I’m trying!)

My second obsession…music. Which I know…isn’t new to me. I have always loved music. I am just a little obsessed with listening to music all the time now. It’s my escape (besides working out). I am discovering new music and believe it or not…even country music. 😳 I know…shocked me too! I love LOVE this new song called Setting The World on Fire by Kenney Chesney and P!NK. I have always loved her and this song does not disappoint! Just awesome!!! Here is the link to the song…you gotta check it out!

It’s late…until next time!

Update: I did #PiYo strength intervals today and nailed one move I have been struggling with-kept falling after one rep.  In the routine you have to go back and forth alternating which way you twist and then extend the leg.  Today I did the entire sequence without falling or stopping! Boom! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Yes, I am dripping sweat…it’s one hell of a workout!



Happy Place

I am at my happy place. There is something about being on a lake that makes you feel relaxed, at peace, and just happy. I am still committed to my work outs. I did a lower body workout this morning…thank god I didn’t do upper body workout. We ended up going on the wave runners and the water was a little choppy. My arms were killing me afterwords. A rogue wave came out of no where and my daughter’s friend went flying. It was in slow motion…kinda like a movie. She looked like she was sucked off the thing and flew off. Lol Tomorrow we will go tubing. I was talked into going out;  it should be interesting.

Summer is going by way too fast. I wish I could make it slow down.

Until next time….