Little by Little…


Little by little…I am getting better but my problem is my patience. Turns out, I really don’t have any. If I could, I would go run, but I can’t and it pisses me off.  I am missing the cardio piece.  I am using loops and weights to work on my booty, abs, legs, and arms (as much as I can with restrictions/modifications)  but I’m missing that sweat you get from a good cardio workout. 💦 So today I did a holy hell booty workout with resistance loops.  I even made it harder by doubling up the loops with some exercises. Tomorrow will be abs and arms.    I am debating on joining the Y so I can use their pool.  I love swimming laps and it would give me the cardio I’m missing but not the impact on my foot.  I’m still wearing a brace, and if I’m at work, a boot (I walk too much at work). It’s still slightly swollen and really achy.  I have zero muscle tone in my ankle/foot. I can’t turn my foot inward or go up on my toes. (Like can’t even lift my foot up a centimeter). I would love to do yoga.  I will, eventually, but I need my foot to heal more first.  What other cardio exercises can I do that doesn’t involve weight on my foot or major foot movement? I am at a loss.  😳 I don’t want my lack of patience make things worse for me so any input is appreciated.  Thanks 😊

Have a great day; hopefully the weather by you is much better than here.  Cold (33°) and raining-just miserable!

Peace ✌🏼 


F#%kin’ Tacos

Tacos and cookies and everything else that’s delicious yet not good for us. Your food choices; It can make or break your health and fitness goals. Let’s be honest, who eats healthy every single day??? I wish I could 🙋🏻‍♀️ but I can’t. Why? I love tacos and cookies and everything else that’s delicious. I do eat well…better than many but sometimes…I just have to have a f#%kin’ taco. The key is moderation. I’m not going to eat 10 tacos or a box of cookies but I will make better choices. If I know I’m going to have desert, I will skip the bad carbs at dinner and eat more protein and veggies. That way I won’t feel bad for my choices. I don’t like to call them cheat meals because then I feel like I’m doing something bad. Too many times, food is tied to so much emotional garbage and it’s due to how we view it and ourselves. Just stop…life is too short to shame ourselves. If you want that cookie, eat it. Just don’t eat the entire box and add some more protein/veggies to your meal first. I find that I tend to stick to better eating when I allow myself to do this because I don’t feel guilty. Planning my meals helps a lot but allow yourself to have some flexibility. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. I choose to eat well and exercise because it makes me feel good. Seriously…how can one say no to Taco Tuesday?!? They are so damn good!

Peace ✌🏼

Baby Steps

I have been going bonkers not exercising, so I put on my brace (the boot would have been too heavy) and did some work on the floor with resistance bands. I was only able to do part of the 80 Day Obsession (AAA) program because the rest was standing. So I did “Girl” push-ups and crunches, oblique crunches, and Spider-Man pushups (modified). Baby steps…but happy I’m finally doing something and my foot isn’t throbbing. Yay!

Peace ✌🏼

Thank God for Second Opinions…

I had a second opinion on my foot. I am sooo happy I did. The first doc wanted me off my foot for a total of 7 weeks. I called a family member who is doing his fellowship in ortho and he wasn’t happy with what my doc said and insisted I get a second opinion. Thank you Joe! The second opinion wants me to begin to put weight on my foot. He said 7 weeks is way too long to be non-weight bearing. Yay! I hate those damn crutches. So I will slowly walk more and hopefully be out of this boot in 3 or so weeks. If I continue to have pain I’ll get a repeat MRI, otherwise PT and slowly reintroduce exercising; Most likely yoga and swimming at first. My flexibility and strength in my foot/ankle are so bad I have to slowly strengthen that before I can do any high impact exercises. So training will need to be postponed until closer to summer. Not the best but it could have been sooo much worse.

Day 30-not bad. Still a little swollen but much better than before! I’ll keep plugging along.

Peace ✌🏼

Going crazy…

So I am not one who sits around much and with this injury, I am stuck sitting on the couch. Soooo….I need to figure out what workouts I can do that doesn’t involve standing or putting any pressure on my foot (none whatsoever). I may go nutty if I don’t do something soon. Help!!! Any ideas????

It’s day 20….still swollen a bit and hurts like hell if I move it too much. 4 more weeks until my next doc visit. This blows! Lol

Peace ✌🏼

Foot Saga

Sooo…went to the ortho doc today. Good news…no cast. Bad news…5 more weeks of a boot, crutches, and no weight on that foot whatsoever. Ugh. I think I need to get a scooter…lol

Definitely no spring races for me; hopefully I can train for a fall race. Yes, things could be worse…much worse, but this just blows! ☹️

My foot last night. Sooo much better but still hurts like hell.

Peace ✌🏼