This is a completely different post from my normal posts. This isn’t about exercising or eating healthy; this is about feeling helpless, unnerved, and quite honestly, downright pissed. It appears someone attempted to break into my garage Friday night. I went to my garage Saturday morning and the door that leads into my garage was opened. It’s always dead bolted shut. It can’t be opened all the way  because there is a freezer on the other side of the door. There isn’t any signs of forced entry so the police think it might have been one of the workers that was working on my house. They are speculating they unlocked the dead bolt and came back at night thinking they could get in past the freezer. I have items on top of the freezer that were knocked to the floor and there’s a small dent on the inside of my door where the door hits the freezer. Clearly they didn’t get in but that was too damn close. I have never felt worried or scared living here-always took for granted it was a safe neighborhood because nothing has really happened here. I’m sure it was a fluke but it has made me stop and think. It has made me paranoid and that just pisses me off. I don’t like feeling this way in my own home. I don’t like jumping at every fucking noise. I am just grateful my kids were not home when this happened.

I have learned a valuable lesson with all of this-never take your safety for granted. I know I am lucky and nothing happened but it was a nice slap in the face reminder to always check everything and be aware of your surroundings. Be safe everyone!  Xo


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