Smart Goals



I am a goal orientated person. If I can figure out what I want to accomplish, I usually can figure out how to do it. When something prevents me from achieving my goals…that’s where I have a hard time. I lose my motivation…my drive. That’s where I am at now!

I was hurt and that blew my goal of a full. Now I’ve lost my motivation…my drive. I need to get that back…somehow.

I saw the poster above on FB. It just made sense to me. It is the kick in the ass I needed to get working on my goals. The line that says make S.M.A.R.T Goals is so very true. Making a goal that is impossible to accomplish only makes you feel horrible about yourself; frustrated. It’s difficult to really think about your own limitations. No one wants to think that something, whether it be money, time or physical limitations, could get in the way of achieving your goal. So when it does, it’s hard to accept. We have to learn to forgive ourselves; to know our limitations; to have the ability to push ourselves not to the point of breaking, but to the point of going just beyond where we thought we could we achieve….figuring out our smart goal! It’s a difficult thing to master. One would think by now, at 45, it should be figured out. Apparently not. I guess the saying you never stop learning holds true in this case. I am still learning…still evolving.

My Smart Goal for now is to get back into running; to get back into some kind of routine. I know I will feel better about my self both physically and mentally. I am also going to join a gym. I think adding variety to my workouts will be key to staying motivated over the winter. I still have my big goal of participating in a tri next year, but that’s next year. Small smart goals lead up to big smart goals, right?

I wanted to share that poster with you. Partly because I thought it was fucking awesome…but mostly I hope it helps someone else find their motivation; the kick in the ass they need to get back on track to achieving a goal…a Smart Goal.

Until next time…So long


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