All I can say is damn it! 😑 The injury I had in July caused my training to come to a screeching halt. It was painful to run and I was pissed. I was hopeful it was going to be a short recovery, but it wasn’t. My trainer and I had a cut-off date. If I wasn’t back to my training schedule by a certain date, I wouldn’t run the full. He was worried I would injure myself if I pushed it too hard. With starting a new job, the holy hell humidity this summer and the injury…I couldn’t train adequately enough for the race. So the date came…and went. I hate not finishing what I started…I really do. Just not who I am!

I may run the half in Indy…or run the half near my house in November. Who the hell knows. So, I will continue with the tabata drills a couple times a week and run when I can. Hopefully build my mileage up again for the half this fall.

I give everyone out there a shit-ton of credit training for a full. It isn’t easy that’s for damn sure. You have my admiration or maybe it’s jealously…either way, kudos to you! You rock!!

I have been contemplating a triathlon. I love running and swimming…just the biking part has me worried a bit. That damn fall in college when I hurt my tailbone kills when I ride my bike. 😳 I have until next summer to find a bike that works….and when I say “works” I mean won’t hurt my ass. 😁 Lou…start thinking about my training schedule for a tri!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Until next time…


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