Make or Break You….

I’m talking about shoes…running shoes.  Besides the humidity, it has been my constant struggle.  Trying to find a pair of shoes that work.  I have been to three running stores in the last year trying to find the elusive pair that work….no not just work, that feel fanfrickintastic!  The first store insisted I pronate and were hell bent on getting me into a supported shoe.  I tried to explain to him that supported shoes hurt my knees…I went against him and bought a neutral shoe.  My first pair was the Brooks Glycerin.  They were ok…ran my half in them.  My knee wasn’t hurting but my ankles bothered me some. As I said before, my IT Band decided to introduce itself to me early into my half last October.  I don’t know if that was shoe related or not…who knows.  The second store said Brooks updated the Glycerin so I tried those again.  Felt great in the store and walking was fantastic…lots of cush.  When I started to train again, I thought my legs were heavy because of the horrible winter.  I kept going but was getting frustrated with how difficult it was to run.  When my miles increased, I felt like I was constantly gripping my toes in order to balance (hello…lost toenails)…I had enough.  I decided to go back to the store to explain my situation…guess what he had me buy?  Supported inserts!  He wasn’t going to do anything else because he was convinced I pronated and the inserts would work.  At this point, I was willing to try anything and seriously began to doubt myself.  I was thinking maybe he was right after all.  Maybe I do need more support.  2 miles into my run…I stopped.  My knees hurt, my ankles were killing and I WAS PISSED!!!  Lesson learned…trust your body and your gut.  They are going back this week, and I won’t shop there again.  He lost my business.

I decided to try Barrington Running Company.  Mark, one of the owners, was fantastic!  He evaluated my walk and flat-out said, you don’t pronate…AT ALL!  When the other stores put you in a supported shoe, it made your feet go the other way.  That is why your knees hurt.  He also said my Brooks Glycerin are too much for my foot….plus way too wide. Then he had me do squats…well that my friends, was my downfall.  Weak hips and glutes…Damn it!  He went on to explain when a store only evaluates your walk, they are missing vital information about what shoe works best for you. Besides having weak glutes and hips, I have a narrow foot and high arch.  He had me try on two shoes, and I decided to go with Asics, Cumulus 15. I am going to test my new kicks today.  Cross your fingers…lets hope my search is over!

Made me start thinking…does everyone have this kind of trouble finding the one?  What shoes work for you?

Until next time…so long.

Shoe Update…my first impression of my new shoes….pretty damn good!  I only ran a short distance (4 miles) because I didn’t want to overdo it my first time out.  It has some cush, but my foot didn’t feel the need to grip the sole in order to stay balanced!  My heel wasn’t slipping around either!  Nice! I have a 5 mile run on Thursday then my long run this weekend…The true test!


8 thoughts on “Make or Break You….

  1. Storiale says:

    Nice! I use the Asics Nimbus, they are wide enough for my feet. In the last year I have purchased Nike Free, Newtons, Hokas, and the Asics. The Asics beat everyone.

  2. We have a running store in my town and they do the whole foot analysis, looking at your stride, etc. but usually give the same shoes to everyone. A new running store is going to open up pretty soon and I’m really excited to see what the difference will be!

    • I hope they are better. The owner of the one I just went to said he pisses off vendors because he doesn’t push certain shoes. He said one or two shoes do not work for everyone. I sell what fits. I liked that attitude!! Good luck!!!

  3. Loved my Cumulus 15s, I’ve worn through a couple of pairs. I recently switched to the new 16s that came out though, and, I am so bummed they keep causing a blister on my right heel… May have to try something new soon. :/
    Good luck with the new shoes!

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