Bank It…And Forget It!!!

Holy Crap did my long run suck yesterday.  At 8 am, the humidity was 89% and the temp in the 80’s.  It was brutal…truly brutal.  I definitely wasn’t sporting the “Barbie” look after my run was over. 🙂 As my trainer always says…bank it and forget it.  Although I still hate crappy runs, I will take his advice!  I was at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she was being a royal bitch!  Looking at this week’s weather, they are predicting cooler temps (highs in the 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s)…hopefully the humidity will drop as well.

Every single time after my long runs, the tip of my second toe (on both feet) always bothers me.  Sorry if this is gross…I lost both of those toenails last year before the half and I’m really trying not to do the same thing this year.  I tried to cover it up, but my co-workers laughed at my lame attempts of my at-home pedi. 😐 After yesterday’s run, I think I figured out what I am doing that is causing this pain (and subsequent toenail loss).  I am curling my toes as I run.  This could also be the reason why my feet hurt after my longer runs.  I seriously look like an old lady when I first get up to walk.  I don’t know why I am doing this…Is it the wrong shoe?  Bad form? Habit? Legs/glutes not strong enough so my feet are compensating?  It is my new mission…Operation Keep My Toenails!  I need to figure out why the hell I am curling my toes when I run, otherwise, the inevitable will happen again…ugly toes! 😦

Until next time…so long!


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