Music On…World Off!

I have always loved listening to music.  It can change my mood in an instant; pump me up for the day, or mellow me out after a long day at work. I can completely tune out everything while listening to music. When it comes to running,  I have to listen to music. PERIOD! It can get me through a mile when I didn’t think I could make it any further, and it gives me a boost to run a bit faster.  When we ran the half, it was pouring rain.  Obviously, my phone stayed in the car.  I thought I was going to struggle the entire time.  I have never run without it!  I seriously was stressing out a bit before the race began.  I vaguely remember telling my trainer to sing to me at one point but the scenery was fantastic so we just talked the entire time.  The race took you through a state park and the leaves were beautiful!  So I really didn’t miss my music…surprisingly.  I still can’t train without my music.  I need that motivation.  If I run with my trainer, Lou, we usually talk…but if I am by myself, forget it!  Music is cranked!

I have added a some songs in the last year, but to be honest, I am starting to get sick of some of them.  I need some new music!  I am the product of the 80’s  but have a variety of music on my playlist.  Below is my running playlist…Feel free to comment and tell me some of your favs!  I have a long training schedule in front of me…I need some new motivation and clearly this list won’t get me through 26.2 miles!

Until next time…so long!

Playlist: Running Music

  • Jane’s Addiction: Been Caught Stealing, Mountain Song, Superhero
  • Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Pow
  • Kid Rock: Bawitdaba
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Can’t Hold Us
  • Maroon 5: Daylight, Love Somebody, One More Night, Payphone, Lucky Strike, Stereo Hearts
  • Cheap Trick:  Dream Police, I Want You To Want Me
  • Taio Cruz: Dynamite
  • The Cure: Friday, I’m in Love, Just Like Heaven
  • The Goo Goo Dolls: Give A Little Bit, Slide
  • Pitbull:  Give Me Everything, Back In Time, Feel This Moment
  • Bon Jovi: Have A Nice Day
  • Train: Hey, Soul Sister
  • The Lumineers: Ho Hey
  • Motley Crue: Kickstart My Heart
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax
  • Sublime: Santeria
  • King of Leon: Sex on Fire, Use Somebody
  • Justin Timberlake: SexyBack
  • Fun.:Some Nights
  • Kelly Clarkson: Stronger (my theme song!)
  • #thatPower
  • Coldplay: Viva la Vida
  • Rihanna: We Found Love
  • Katy Perry: Part of Me, Firework, Hot N Cold
  • Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines
  • P!nk: Blow Me
  • Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train
  • Usher: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
  • Enrique Iglesias: I Like It
  • Modern English: I Melt With You
  • Lady GaGa: Applause
  • Tom Petty: Free Fallin’, Learn to Fly
  • The Who: You Better You Bet
  • Right Said Fred: I’m Too Sexy

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