X-Training…worth the time or just hype?

I am one that loves cross-training…it changes up my routine and gives my legs (more importantly, my knees) a rest.  I love the fact I can take a break from running yet still get some kind of workout in for that day. My training plan includes two days of x-training and I look forward to those two days each week.  I change it up some…power walk, swim, yoga, and strength training.  I would love to love biking, but to be honest, my tailbone hurts like hell when I ride.  I hurt my tailbone falling one night in college…let me tell you, it was a rude awakening the next morning! I went to sit down and YOWZA!  I think I woke everyone up!  Ha!  It still bothers me to this day if I sit too long or if I ride a bike…go figure.  I should be a PSA poster for the long-term effects of college drinking!  Drink too much and break your ass!  I’m sure it is one reason they have never heard before!

I know several people who have trained for a marathon.  One person in particular never cross-trained for her two marathons and finished with zero problems.  She told me to focus on the running. Get a lot of miles in, she said.  So it made me start to think…Is it really necessary?  Should I just spend my time on running instead?

I have read the research about cross-training.  It gives your running muscles a break, builds up other muscles while still giving yourself a workout…blah blah blah.  I am not one that just does something because someone said so or a couple of articles said to do it.   I read both the pros/cons and then make a decision. To be honest, I don’t know if cross-training makes me a better runner or helps me get a better time.  I really don’t care!  Sure I want to be a better runner…better form and more efficient.  But does x-training help with that? Who knows!  I don’t give a shit about my time…I just want to cross that damn finish line!  So what it comes down to is this…I think x-training has helped keep my legs from getting tired on my longer runs, it changes my routine, it gives me a great workout, but most of all, my IT Band has not reared its ugly head!  YAY!  (Crap…knock on wood!  I don’t want to jinx it!) That’s good enough for me so I will continue with it!

Until next time…so long!


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