What the Hell?!?

Whose bright idea was this to train for a marathon during the summer?  Apparently, I was just coming out of my winter thaw when I decided it would be easy to train for a marathon during the summer…after all, I’m a teacher, and I wouldn’t be working!  Should be a breeze! Hello?!? Humidity!!! I am living in the wrong state to train in-maybe I can get a summer place in Colorado?!?! (a girl can dream!)   Honestly, it doesn’t matter how cool it is outside as long as it’s humid out, I struggle to breathe.  So waking up at the ass-crack of dawn won’t make a huge difference unless I want to avoid hot temps. Asthma + Humidity = a pissed off me!  Many runs have been derailed because of the humidity…and nothing pisses me off more than a crappy run.  So after another horrible run, I spoke with my trainer, Lou.  He suggested I do the run/walk method for those humid days when I am struggling to breathe…What do you know, it worked!

So before my run, I was trying to figure out how I was going to do this.  I know myself…if I try to look at the time on my phone while I am running, I would fall. There’s no way in hell I could count as I run because I would screw it up (plus I would be bored off my rocker). Then it hit me…I decided I would run while listening to one or two songs then I would walk for a minute to two.  I did this the entire run.  Surprisingly, I still had a decent time, and I wasn’t gasping for air (win/win).  So that is what I will do this summer…it isn’t ideal, but it beats not running at all.

I’m just wondering how others handle the heat and humidity while training in the summer?

Until next time…so long!



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